A Fifth of Jack: Top Ten Favorite Christmas Commercials

From the home office in Peoria, Illinois… today’s Top Ten takes us back to our childhood.  I don’t know about you, but I love commercials, and thanks to You Tube, I get to live in the past for the rest of my life.  As a kid, I loved the magic and wonder that Christmas brings, not to mention the memorable advertisements that graced our sets.  Yes, I just called it a “set.”  I also watched way too much television which is why I got lousy grades in school, bad teeth, a rotten brain, suffer adult ADHD, and where was I?  Oh yeah…

Here is a Top Ten list of Jack Shell’s favorite all-time Christmas commercials.

#10 – Kmart – Do you remember this jingle?  I’d have been a naked child if not for Kmart.

#9 – Toys R Us – This pre-dates the “I’m A Toys R Us Kid” commercial.   Again, this is my list of faves.  I always like Geoffrey Giraffe.

#8 – Zayre – Who else remembers Zayre?  It always smelled like popcorn.

#7 – Fruity Pebbles – “Barney!  My Pebbles!”  Classic.

#6 – Underoos – ♪ Underoos are fun to wear, something super-new in underwear! ♫  My first pair of Underoos were Tonto.  I also had The Incredible Hulk, Batman, and Superman.  I would wear them now, if there were an adult version.

#5 – Pizza Hut – Nothin’ says Merry Christmas like piping hot pizza.  One year, we actually had Pizza Hut pizza for Christmas dinner.

#4 – Budweiser – I was way too young to drink beer in 1982, but there’s something about those famous Clydesdales, isn’t there?

#3 – Folger’s – My family lives far away in Central Illinois, Northern Alabama, and Southwest Florida, respectively.  It’s hard to get home to see everyone at Christmas, but when I do make it to Florida to see my parents, it goes something like this.

#2 – Coca-Cola – If solving the world’s problems were only as simple as buying the world a Coke.

#1 – McDonald’s – This one is still my all time favorite.  Always breaks me up.  The kid who can’t skate reminds me of me as a child.

What are some of your favorites?  Post a YouTube link below.

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