‘Tis the season’ for parties and holiday get-togethers! But as fun as holiday gatherings can be, they also bring some tricky etiquette dilemmas, too. What would you do in the 4 following situations? I posted my answers, and I am anxious to hear: What YOU would do?

Here are 4 different Christmas party etiquette questions, along with my answers. I don’t think there is a ‘right or wrong’ answer, just a matter of opinion. I sure would like to hear what YOU would do too!

1) I’ve been invited to a party and my sitter cancelled at the last minute. Can I ask the host if I can bring my kids, or should I simply send my regrets?

Linda Lee: “If I had a babysitter lined up, then I am assuming this is an ‘adult party’ and probably not a good idea to take the kids. So I would send my regrets.How about YOU?

2) I’ve planned a dinner party for a certain number of people and my friend brings a guest with her. How do I handle this with tact?

Linda Lee:“I set another place at the table and not make much ado bout nothing….so there is one more person, if I have to cut my steak in two to accommodate an additional guest, so be it! It’s not gonna buzzkill my party.” How would YOU handle this?

3) If someone brings food or drink as a hostess gift, am I expected to serve it that night?

Linda Lee: “If someone brings a dish to a party I am hosting, I assume they are bringing to share at the party….if it is a bottle of my favorite Vodka, then I quickly hide it in my bedroom….just kidding!” What would YOU do?

4) Is it the hostess’s responsibility to ask about dietary restrictions?

Linda Lee: “I try to serve a variety of food & beverages to please everyone. Stuff for those who are dieting or vegetarians, yummy fattening foods for those who want to indulge. I always have both non-alcoholic drinks for the designated drivers and those who do not want to drink alcohol, and top shelf liquor and beer available for those who  wanna drink & be merry!” What do you think about this one?


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