In Loving Memory Of Our ‘Angel’ Maddie Trudel

On day one of our 2012 WYCD Cares For St. Jude Kids Radiothon, I want to remind you of why this is so deeply personal to me. If you are one of the ‘lucky ones’ who does not personally know a child who has lost their battle with childhood cancer, be sure to count your blessings. This little angel here, Maddie Trudel, fought a long and valiant battle with bone cancer and tragically, at just 7-years old, Maddie lost her battle and went to Heaven on November 27, 2006. When I became friends with Maddie’s Dad, Paul Trudel, I learned firsthand how childhood cancer affects the entire family, from diagnosis to treatments and worst of all… how horrible it is when a child loses their battle with the insidious beast known as cancer.’  Rodney Atkins became friends with both Maddie and Paul, and helps keep her memory alive by helping other kids who are battling cancer today.

Maddie & her ‘Daddy’ Paul Trudel

Maddie actually ‘found Rodney Atkins’ when she was in the hospital watching TV and saw his video for “If You’re Going Through Hell.” I don’t think Rodney Atkins ever dreamed that a 7-year-old girl would ‘relate’ to that song, but Maddie was not an ordinary girl…she was special, wise beyond her years and she was going through hell while battling cancer.

Here is Rodney Atkins at a Make A Wish benefit concert that Paul Trudel organized with his ‘Rebels For A Cause’ group that he formed in memory of his ‘angel daughter,’ his beloved Maddie. Listen as Paul Trudel tells Maddie’s story and why he has dedicated his life to helping other kids like Maddie, who are going through hell too.

Maddie Trudel sleeping at U-M Hospital

I hope and pray, that in loving memory of Maddie Trudel and all the other kids who have lost their battle with childhood cancer, that you will join me, and please BECOME A PARTNER IN HOPE during our St. Jude Cares For Kids Radiothon live at the Southland Center. Click here to donate right now online or CALL: 800-374-4995

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