Meet The Amazing New Young Country Artist Rachel Farley!

When our WYCD Program Director Tim Roberts comes into our on-air studio all excited and says, “You gotta meet this brand new Young Country artist Rachel Farley, she has the most amazing voice and I predict she will be a superstar one day,” we both knew she must be pretty special!

We have a lot of brand new artists that come to visit WYCD to introduce themselves and perform in our conference room. We knew she must be pretty special, by the way our boss was raving about her and after talking to her on the radio and getting to know this 17-year-old girl a little better, we agree! Listen to our interview and hear her sing too!

You may have already heard Rachel Farley sing, if you were at Jason Aldean‘s last concert here in the Motor City. Jason heard her powerful voice just once, and invited her to open for him all across America on his last tour. Jason obviously knows talent when he hears it too!

At just 17 years old, with a voice that already sounds like a seasoned pro, we just hope that this sweet young girl remembers us, Edwards & Lee,  when she becomes a well-known superstar! Here is part one of our entire unedited interview with Rachel Farley!   

And here is part 2 of the podcast interview with Rachel Farley:

Just listen to this girl sing! Here’s Rachel Farley singing about the ‘crazy southern women’ in a song called “Ain’t Easy.”

Here is a video Rachel Farley singing an acoustic version of “Damn I Do.”

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