Country superstar, Brad Paisley took to UStream yesterday to debut his new video for “Southern Comfort Zone” followed by a Q & A from fans in a LIVE chat session. During the chat, he elaborated on one question in particular and gave praise to Detroit’s Dr. Don Morning Show producer and co-host, Steve Grunwald.

When asked “Was that the African tribe that you donated a cow to?” Paisley explained, “It is! That footage is actually shot by Grunwald on a radio station in Detroit. He’s an amazing guy. I’ve gotten to know him. I think the world of him. He epitomizes the song, “Southern Comfort Zone.” This is a guy who, even though he is from Detroit, this is a guy who leaves his comfort zone all the time to do really, really, really cool things. He will fly to Africa and get the Malaria pills. Do his thing, go over there and all of that footage you see was shot by him. An interesting fact about this video is that there is no green screen. The giraffe is real, every location is a real location. We flew 10,000 miles to do this. Which is a lot of fun for me, I love to see the world. I’m in the right line of work for that.” Brad Paisley mentions Steve Grunwald in Live Chat



This past October, Steve Grunwald returned to Kenya for 99.5 WYCD’s “Brad Paisley Cow Project” to deliver a cow to the Masai tribe at their request.  The story began several years ago when Grunwald, producer of the Dr. Don Morning Show on Detroit station 99.5 WYCD, got into a bet with Brad Paisley. That bet involved a trip around the world with a stop in Kenya. Read the complete story. Following another request from the Masai, Grunwald traveled back to that “Southern Comfort Zone” to buy the tribe a cow, but not before he enlisted Paisley’s help. “I’m all in,” Brad told WYCD. “I mean, it sounds to me like a once in a lifetime opportunity to help out my fellow man, and I’m totally game.” Watch the the live chat session below or click here.

Another example of what Brad Paisley is talking about when he says Grunwald “epitomizes Southern Comfort Zone” occurred in November of 2007 when Steve Grunwald traveled to Iraq for “Operation Yellow Ribbon” to deliver a gigantic yellow ribbon, signed by thousands of metro Detroiters, to our troops fighting in Iraq. See photos.

For about 20 minutes following the debut of his “Southern Comfort Zone” video, Paisley briefly answered more questions from fans via a LIVE chat on UStream from questions posed on Twitter at #bradpaisleychat. Among the questions, we found out some interesting facts about the guy who traveled over 10,000 miles to 8 countries in 8 days and “57 pints later,” just to make a music video! After you’ve watched the video in the stream above, you’ll most likely want to see what went into the making of “Southern Comfort Zone.”

Random things we learned about Brad Paisley:

  • Favorite color is, what else ‘Paisley’ (is that even a color?)
  • Favorite NASCAR driver is Jeff Gordon, although he is friends with and also admires Dale Jr., Jimmy Johnson and Tony Stewart
  • Guitar players he most admires are Brian Setzer, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Keith Urban, Red Vulcart
  • Christmas is about “being with family”
  • Has one dog
  • Favorite place to eat in Nashville is Kayne Prime (he let that one slip out)
  • Craziest food he has eaten while traveling – bone marrow in Paris, though he added “they know what they’re doing”
  • In the future, would like to work with LL Cool J
  • Favorite guitar pedal is a delay pedal, adding “Catalinbread makes one called  Montavillian that is really something” (in case you are looking to be the next Brad Paisley)
  • Favorite city in Europe “Would probably be Rome, its a toss up sometimes, Stockholm’s great, Dublin’s great – the thing about Dublin is the people more than anything, nicest, warmest people, actually Canada gets nicest maybe, or Sweden actually. In Dublin, they are your ‘drunk uncle’ every one of them – just the nicest people.”
  • Favorite place to visit in the world is Paris
  • His wife is currently in the hit series Nashville and begins doing a movie in a couple weeks, although he confesses he can’t recall the name, but “go see it. . .”
  • Favorite artist to tour with  “Don’t know – it’s a toss up.” However, he did mention  Mentions Dierks Bentley, The Band Perry, and Scotty McCreery. “That little group as sort of old souls in young clothing. Scotty is a lot like an energy you can’t really duplicate.” They did a lot of bonding together after the shows including going to movies and bowling. “This tour [Virtual Reality World Tour] will be hard to beat that way.”
  • On his days off he likes to paint and work on his farm. “Just doing menial labor.”
  • Does not have any tattoos
  • Would do another duet with Carrie Underwood, if the right song came along.
  • If they made a movie of his life, who would play Brad Paisley? Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney, “If you watch Saturday Night Live you’ll know what I’m talking about.”
  • His best prank on tour – “when we replaced The Band Perry video content for their show with the Doodlebops, “the best part was that nobody realized that wasn’t really The Band Perry.”
  • His son does not sing along and get excited when he hears him on the radio, “He’s not a fan.”
  • Advice to aspiring artists? “Sing your heart out, and have a good time doing it whether you are successful or not, if you are having fun at it at least your having success that way.”
  • Currently working on a new album that will be out in April “if it gets done in time.”

In addition to all the random questions that were asked, Brad did discuss interesting details about “Southern Comfort Zone.” For starters, he actually painted the shirt that he wears in the video and wore it in all those different countries. Brad Paisley Southern Comfort Zone cover

Paisley’s decision for the cliff diving on the cover for “Southern Comfort Zone” “had a lot to do with the fact that this album feels a little like a leap form me in some ways.” He explains, and as you can see at left, “it sort of illustrated that to some degree the look of jumping,” noting the Batman building on one side and the Eiffel Tower on the other.

We also learned that “Southern Comfort Zone” is not his favorite song on the album, though he wouldn’t divulge what is, he did say that changes daily depending on what he is working on. The video opens and closes with Paisley singing alongside a shiny red tractor with the motor running in the background. You almost forget that the tractor is not an instrument.

The song idea and music video was born from a clip Paisley saw of some guys “I think in Russia” playing “Sweet Georgia Brown” to a tractor, “using the tractor as a rhythm track.” As far as the location and making of the video, Brad compares it to a “cross between Bourne Identity meets Green Acres.” The running, as he appears to do a lot of in the clip, “kind of came later.” He ran in one city and they just decided to keep going with that.

He does mention a mistake that occurred in the video that was purposefully left in because he liked the edit.  When you watch again – here’s a hint:  It has to do with The Band Perry, who you can see sitting at a table in Norway – and the apple toss.

The whimsical, enquiring-mind type questions seemed to be centered around the giraffe in the video, which Brad was happy to answer.  What was it like working with that giraffe? “That giraffe was very professional – actually really a great giraffe – name, I think was Congo.” He continues jokingly, “way better than working with Carrie Underwood, I’ll tell ya that – didn’t ever sort of talk back – didn’t ever sort of make a fool of me. Kidding.”

In closing, and in keeping with the theme of the new video, Paisley says, “Thanks for watching, watch it a lot you’ll see new things every time. Then go book your trip and see the world.”

Nanci Haskin/99.5 WYCD

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