Ms. Liberty Getting A Total Makeover!

The Statue of Liberty remains temporarily closed to the public six weeks after Hurricane Sandy caused extensive damage to National Park Service facilities on Liberty Island. The good news is that the statue itself remained unscathed.But if you are planning a trip to New York City next year, you should know that the Statue of Liberty will close for an entire year at the end of October 2013, as Ms. Liberty undergoes a $27.25 million dollar makeover!

The planned renovations that will make the interior safer and more accessible. The renovations are limited to the monument and Liberty Island will remain open and the statue itself will be mostly unobstructed from view. The National Parks Service, which manages the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island, said it will close the monument on Oct. 28, after the 125th anniversary of its dedication.

A couple of interesting facts about Ms. Liberty:

The National Parks Service controls the number of visitors to the crown, saying about 240 people visit each day

. About 3.5 million people visit the monument every year. And the statue which was built in the 1880s, was a gift from France.

Who do you know that needs a total makeover in 2013 and why?

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