The Craziest Things Are Left Behind At Hotels

This has probably happened to just about everyone at least once in their life, leaving something in a hotel room. Some very crazy things from full suitcases, diamond rings to a bucket full of live crabs!! We wanted to hear from you, what is something that you left behind in a hotel room?

Dr. Don says, “My story isn’t that big of a deal. Left a power cord to a portable printer in a hotel room. They don’t make the printer nor the power cord anymore. Funny thing.. they didn’t find it when cleaning the room. Had to go in while another couple were in the room and look around for it. They found it and mailed it back to me. ”

Rachael Hunter says, “Once when I was in Memphis visiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital, I was staying at the Peabody Hotel and left a refrigerator magnet that I had bought in the gift shop behind in my hotel room.  (I collect refrigerator magnets from everywhere I go.)  I called the hotel and not only did they find the magnet, they even mailed it to me here in Michigan, which probably cost more in postage than the magnet cost!”

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