Vote For 99.5 WYCD As The “Best Country Station In America!”

Okay… Detroit, it’s time to show America who loves their country more.   It’s down to us and our sister station in Chicago, US99.5, but you, country music fans of the Motor City, who can show the world who has the greatest country music station in America, and you know of course, it’s 99.5 WYCD in Detroit.

Now, Radio Ink, an important radio industry trade publication, who has already named our fearless leader Tim Roberts No. 1 in 2012’s top 20 Country Program Directors in America, is holding a poll to find the “best country station in America” for the upcoming Country Radio Seminar in Nashville.  Don’t let Chicago put Detroit to shame.  Stand up and tell ’em you’re from Detroit.  Participate in Radio Ink’s poll, speak up, be heard and crown WYCD the American champion of country radio.

Here’s what you do.  Start by clicking here to review the nominees.

You are then asked to “base your vote on ratings consistency, commitment to community and execution of the format.”  Tell ’em why WYCD is the best at what we do and help us obtain this great industry honor.

THEN, click here and send your response, “99.5 WYCD/Detroit (CBS)” via e-mail.

Follow @Radio_Ink on Twitter for the latest results… and thank you!

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