It Came From Beyond

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Unfortunately death is a part of life and everyone deals with death is different ways. We turn to faith, friends and family to help with the grieving process. Every now and again we look for a sign and sometimes we get said sign. What are some the ways you’ve been giving a sign from the beyond?

Dr. Don shares a story of how his new parrot Cayenne does some of the same quirky things that his old parrot Pepper did without teaching him how. “I’m constantly getting signs. So is my wife. One of my favorites was at Kay’s father’s funeral. Cold, snowy day and there was one lone bird sitting in a tree near the grave singing its heart out. Until the minister said, “Let us pray.” The bird stopped.  At “amen” it started up again. Also, I’m always getting signs from Pepper through my new bird, Cayenne. He keeps doing things she did and we didn’t teach him. Whenever I’d wolf-whistle at Pepper, she’d answer with a squeaking-door noise she picked up from our apartment back in Missouri. Cayenne is giving the same response. We don’t have any squeaky doors and didn’t teach him the sound. A sign? You decide.”

Rachael Hunter‘s story also deals with birds. “A well-known spiritual medium, who does readings for Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, told me something strange about my father who passed away back in 1988 from pancreatic cancer.  Rebecca told me, (and she prefaced this by saying that I would think she’s crazy), that my father’s spirit comes to me in the form of birds flying into windows in our house. What’s crazy is that I have birds that fly into windows in my home on a weekly basis. It happens much for often than it normally should. The funny thing is, when we were growing up, my dad always had a bird feeder outside of the dining room window so we could watch the birds feeding while we ate our meals.  To this day, I still feed the birds in our yard everyday and am a bird enthusiast. Some of the birds that have flown into our windows are strange too, like a HAWK and HUMMINGBIRD . . .both that start with the letter “H” and my dad’s name was Harmon

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