Justin Moore Looking Forward To Going Hunting With Blake & Miranda!

Author: Linda Lee

Justin Moore is one of the few, if only country artists who has actually been out on tour with both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, the reigning king & queen of country music. Not only do they all share a love and passion for country music, they are all avid hunters who enjoy downtime in the woods. The three of them have become close friends over the years, and Justin tells us that he really hopes that their ‘talks’ about all of them going hunting together will actually become a reality…

With all three of them so busy touring and making new music, it does seem like the sun, moon and stars will all have to align perfectly for them to coordinate schedules and make time to get out in the woods and enjoy the mutual love of hunting in the great outdoors together. Justin explains here in this podcast:

The 28 year old ‘Bait a Hook’ singer is keeping busy in the studio working on a new record, and told his Twitter followers back in December:   “Day 1 recording album #3! Can’t wait to get new music out for y’all”

Here is Justin Moore with his song about ‘good ole country boys’ versus city slickers, and it’s obvious that he knows exactly how to  “Bait A Hook!”

Info courtesy of Big Machine Label Group

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