Kix Brooks Says “Swampy” Single “Moonshine Road” Represents “Where I Come From”

Kix Brooks this week released a new video from his 2012 solo album New To This Town, his first solo effort since he and his Brooks & Dunn partner Ronnie Dunn parted ways.

The new video is for Kix’s song “Moonshine Road,” which is the third single from New To This Town.

“Moonshine Road” was written by Kix and Leslie Satcher. And as Kix explained to in a recent interview, the song was “kinda where I started” when it came to putting together songs for New To This Town.

The song must mean a lot to Kix and take him back, because when talking about “Moonshine Road,” you can see how much really digs into the details.

“There was this old roadhouse” near where he grew up, he says with a smile on his face, where “we got in fights, we picked up girls, we drank beer, there was always trouble. You knew something was going to happen when you went down there.”

And then there was the landscape around that place. As he talks his eyes seem to reflect something long ago and far away. “Those backroads through the cypress trees, and the hanging moss, you could just feel the brew stirring on your way down there. And that’s sorta the background of what that song is about.”

“And that groove is just something I’ve written a lot of songs to and play a lot. It’s just that swampy thing, and that’s where I come from.”

Watch “Moonshine Road” and see if you can feel “the brew stirring”:

And as he noted elsewhere during the interview, the type of groove he’s talking about fit right into what he called the “barroom perspective” he took on New To This Town–which was very different from the “well-polished” sound he created with Brooks & Dunn.

Watch: Kix Brooks talks about his solo album New To This Town

Overall, he says, the albums has “a good rootsy feel.” It’s “real fresh” and, maybe most importantly of all, “good for my soul.”

– Kurt Wolff,

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