Whether or not you have a sweetheart this Valentine’s Day here are 20 films that will surely bring you to tears from laughing. So grab the popcorn and some heart-shaped chocolates and enjoy!

1. Love Actually

It’s Taylor Swift’s favorite movie so this has to give you a clue of what to expect. Love Actually follows eight couples with completely different stories. While many are far from fairytales there’s enough comedic relief to get you through them all and still remain hopeful that love actually still does exist. Did we mention Hugh Grant is in it?

2. Say Anything

A classic John Cusack film, Say Anything follows two high school students as they try to figure out their relationship the summer before college. Get the tissues out and the boombox to blast some Peter Gabriel.

3. Sleepless In Seattle

No rom-com marathon is complete without a Nora Ephron film featuring a little Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Learn how one radio call changes the course of two people’s lives forever.

4. When Harry Met Sally

A classic in the romcom genre, this film answers the age old question “Can a man and woman just be friends?” And introduced, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

5. 27 Dresses

Forever a bridesmaid and never a bride, this rom-com has it all. Katherine Heigl’s baby sister steals the man of her dreams and she’s left pining away while trying not to be the jealous maid of honor at their wedding. Insert dancing drunkely on a bar and running from one wedding to the next on the same night to jack up the stakes. This is one film that has you rooting for Heigl to win.

6. Crazy, Stupid, Love

What’s a quality romantic comedy without Ryan Gosling in it? This hilarious film features Steve Carell dealing with all the emotions one faces when their significant other asks for a divorce. Enter Ryan as the heartthrob who shares his tips on how to pick up girls and so much more.

7. Pretty Woman

A man needs an escort, hires a prostitute and the two fall in love — maybe not the stuff every little girl’s dreams are made of but that part where she gets a blank check to shop in Beverly Hills certainly is. With Richard Gere and Julia Roberts starring, do you need any other excuse to watch this film?

8. Notting Hill

How does an ordinary guy keep the most famous girl in the world? Just in case you can’t get enough Julia Roberts (and Hugh Grant, of course), this one is for you.

9. You’ve Got Mail

Before G-chat, Facebook and Twitter (not to mention online dating) there was a little thing called e-maiIs. Will a simple online flirtation with her archenemy be dangerous for her career (and her life)? You’ll only find out by watching this classic Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks film.

10. Two Weeks Notice

It isn’t until Sandra Bullock’s character walks out on her boss (more floppy haired Hugh Grant!) that he realizes how much he truly needs her and just might be in love with her.

11. Knocked Up

A one-night stand with schlub Ben Stone turns into an unexpected pregnancy. Ben tries to reinvent himself as an upstanding father figure but of course there are numerous hilarious hiccups along the way.

12. 50 First Dates

Short-term memory loss proves difficult for Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) who is trying to convince Lucy (Drew Barrymore) that he’s the perfect man. So, he tries to recreate their first date over and over again, which is the only way to make her realize they’re perfect for each other.

13. The Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler stars as a popular wedding singer who is left at the alter. Enter waitress Julia played by Drew Barrymore who is of course engaged to the wrong guy. Will she discover it before her own trip down the aisle? Well, this is a romantic-comedy after all!

14. Never Been Kissed

High school isn’t the easiest time for most of us. So, who wouldn’t want to go back and reinvent themselves…as an undercover reporter? Relive all those embarrassing moments with Drew Barrymore in this hilarious heartwarmer.

15. Mama Mia!

An over-the-top story of a bride-to-be searching for her biological father so he can walk her down the aisle, complete with hit songs from ABBA, Meryl Streep manages to take this unlikely plot line and make it into a laugh fest.

16. Annie Hall

Alvy Singer (played by Woody Allen) is a neurotic comedian who falls for Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). But, will the two unlikely partners make it for the long haul? Between their witty dialogue and internal conversations it’s comical to watch it all unfold.

17. Definitely, Maybe

Heartthrob and single parent Ryan Reynolds spends time explaining to his daughter the trials and tribulations of all his past relationships as she tries to decipher which tale is about her mother.

18. Sweet Home Alabama

Reese Witherspoon plays a New York fashion designer who runs away from the South to reinvent herself in the big city. It’s during a quick trip home to Alabama that she faces the ultimate question: did she make the right decision all those years ago?

19. Bridget Jones Diary

Determined to improve her life and love, Bridget, played by Renee Zellweger, keeps a personal diary of all the details as viewers watch it all come to life. Hilarity ensues.

20. Silver Linings Playbook

Life rarely goes according to plan and Silver Linings Playbook showcases this. An unlikely match, Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) are battling disorders of their own and both make a deal to help each other out. A dreamy Bradley even gets a chance to show off his dance moves. Seriously, how could someone resist that?

-Annie Reuter, Radio.com


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