Worst. Best. News. Ever.

Happy-happy, joy-joy was the initial reaction when 300 high school seniors received letters last month announcing that Utah Valley University was generously offering them four-year scholarships!  Imagine their excitement! Imagine their parents’ excitement! But, it was short -lived as it was revealed two weeks later that the mailer was sent out by mistake. Worst. Best. News. Ever.

University President Matthew Holland apologized for the confusion and disappointment, and blamed a technical glitch for the mix-up.

I bet more than one dad was ready to give the college President a “technical glitch” of his own! My parents would have known right away that this was some sort of  “technical glitch,” since my grades sure as heck did not warrant a full scholarship!

What was the worst/best unbelievable news you ever received, only to find out that is was incorrect?
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