Chuck Finally Brings Home His German Shepherd Puppy ‘Bear!’

Author: Chuck Edwards

Meet the newest member of  our ‘Brighton Compound’Barron Von Kolenda. If I were a German Shepherd, I would want a super cool name like that too!  We call him “Bear.” At 8 weeks old, Bear came home over the weekend to a mixed welcome…

While Casey and I were elated to finally get Bear, our Yorkie, SGT. Foxy: aka ‘Cody‘ (I’m not the only family member with a stage name!) and our 2 Chihauhaua’s Mamasita and Rosie, were NOT so welcoming.

Cody is a card-carrying Alpha male and has been attacking Bear like June from Honey Boo-Boo devouring a can of Spam. At this posting, Cody has been relentless. Good news for Bear, he thinks Cody is playing. Bad news for Cody, Bear won’t be 18 pounds for long! We have gone to great measure to puppy proof our home. What we didn’t envision was Cody and the senorita’s being so anti-German.

Casey has been studying Cesar’s methods but Cody is displaying anger and jealousy that I haven’t seen from him in the 9 years I’ve had him. If Cesar could fix this I would buy him the biggest burger and the biggest beer the Red Coat Tavern has to offer. Good news, Bear is close to being house broken in just 4 days. He runs to the door and has a different swagger depending whether it’s for number 1 or 2. Is that TMI? Bear is already a great guy complete with puppy breathe and baby teeth that make Jaws look like an extra on Swamp People!

Keep listening for updates on our show and watch for Bear and Cody on an upcoming episode of Dr. Phil!

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