Teachers In Hot Water After Pranking Students

Author: Chuck Edwards

I am really not sure what to think about this story.  A group of middle school teachers in Windsor are in trouble after pranking some of their students.  The prank was pulled on a Friday, and consisted of telling the students that for their 8th grade “graduation” trip, they would go to Disney World.  So they told their students to tell their parents it will cost $250.  On the following Tuesday, the students were in for a big surprise!

Come that following Tuesday, the teachers let the students know it was all a lie!  According to them it was a prank to teach the kids a lesson.  A handful of students were caught sneaking into one of the teacher’s desks and actually came across some pamphlets for Disney World.  While the kids shouldn’t be snooping through other people’s belongings, the teachers might have gone a bit too far!

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