Jeff Probst Brings ‘Survivor’ To The Kids

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Survivor host Jeff Probst talks with The Dr. Don Show with Rachael and Grunwald about his new children’s book. In the book, two families become one and the kids go on a trip with their Uncle so they can get to know each other. During their trip, they get stranded on an island with no adults. Probst says, “It’s Survivor for kids because I always get asked when we are doing a Kids Survivor.” As of today, the book is a New York Times Best Seller!

As the new season of Survivor is underway right now, we talk with Jeff about how it never fails that every year there are people who think that can be on Survivor. They think they have what it takes and quickly find out it’s not as easy as one thinks. Probst says, “I just ask people who think about it, go an afternoon without food. And then, if you’re still able to walk around and talk with being a pain, then go thru dinner without food, see how long you can go. Then imagine doing that for at least three days right off he bat.”

Jeff Probst book, Stranded, is available in book stores and is a great book for older elementary students and middle school students.

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