Is Being A Parent REALLY A Full Time Job?

Author: Chuck Edwards

As a parent my self, I feel it is a full time job.  While you might not be with your kids 100% of the time, you are always thinking about how you can change their lives and how you can do something to make them happy. Well, a new study says being a parent is more like a part-time job!  They are crazy!

According to a new study, being a parent ISN’T a full-time job.  The study found that the average parent only spends 28 hours and nine minutes a week taking care of their family, which makes it a PART-TIME job.  That includes everything from entertaining the kids and cooking, to making beds and helping with homework.  Not surprisingly, 92% of parents disagree, and say being a parent IS a full-time job.

–The study found the average parent spends 28 hours and nine minutes per week taking care of their kids and family.  Here’s the breakdown . . .

–Eight hours and 36 minutes entertaining the kids.

–Four hours and 48 minutes cooking.

–Three hours and 38 minutes doing chores.

–And less than two hours each on the following things:  Making beds, washing up, driving the kids to school and activities, helping with homework, running errands, and taking care of pets.

 –Parents aren’t buying this, by the way.  92% of the parents surveyed said that having kids is ABSOLUTELY a full-time job.

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