Quit Calling Pregnant Celebrities FAT!

Author: Linda Lee

In case you have been holed up in a cave and have not heard, Kim Kardashian is pregnant  and due to give birth sometime in July. It does not seem fair to me, that Kayne West‘s ‘baby Mama’ even has to ‘defend herself’ against all the tabloids who are calling her FAT! I personally think it is horrible that pregnant celebrities like Kardashian and Jessica Simpson become tabloid targets due to pregnancy weight gain. Not every pregnant woman is going to look like Kate Middleton who is also pregnant, yet looks like she has not gained an additional ounce…

Calling pregnant celebrities ‘fat’ is a super low blow and not fair at all. As a woman who gained 60 pounds during pregnancy and gave birth to a tiny 5 pound baby, I can tell you firsthand how hard that is to deal with for a woman who was fit and trim prior to getting pregnant. Some women just gain more weight then others and I think it is so unfair to compare one pregnant woman to another.

Pregnancy affects women differently in every way. Some women experience morning sickness, some do not, Some women get stretch marks, and some women do not. Some women gain very little weight, others gain what is considered to be ‘too much.’ We are all different, including during pregnancy.

By: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

I feel so bad for Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson who like me, gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. We have mirrors in our homes, we can see what is happening to our bodies. To be ridiculed and compared to other pregnant women is the last thing a women needs to worry about when she has a baby on the way! What a total buzzkilller! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and these women are just as beautiful during pregnancy as they were before they were ‘with child!’

I suggest we all think twice before we criticize a women who gains weight during pregnancy…especially us ladies! For those who think that it is OK to rip on these girls, I hope YOU gain 80 pounds when you get pregnant and then you will understand how hurtful this can be!! Just kidding….but not really!

Your Aunt said WHAT to you when you were pregnant?

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