OMG! Raising A Kid Costs How Much?

Author: Linda Lee

Are we ever really financially ready to have a baby? Probably not. If  everyone waited until we thought we were financially ready to raise a child, we probably would be in our 40’s! It’s amazing how you just make do when you are young and raising a family, but if you knew how much it would cost you to raise your baby from birth to age 18, I am not sure any of us would ever be ready for that! Guess how much it costs to raise a kid these days? Find out here…

According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report, it’s estimated a middle-income family will spend roughly a quarter million dollars to raise a child. The number shoots up to nearly half a million for those who earn more. Holy cow….that seems like more money than most of us will even make in a lifetime!

Spending money on your child does not, of course, automatically equate to spoiling them. But, a survey of 6,000 moms by revealed 75% of mothers think their kids are at least “a little spoiled.”

 Were YOU a spoiled kid…and in retrospect, was it a good thing or not?

Here’s a guy who says he was NOT spoiled…

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