$8k For Getting Stranded On A Ride At Disneyland. Not Bad!

Author: Rob Stone

The “It’s A Small World” song is very annoying and having to listen to it for a half hour while stranded on the ride at Disneyland would be torturous. That’s what one disabled man went through in 2009 when the ride broke down. The song played over and over again while Jose Martinez was trapped on the ride. Martinez’ lawyer, David Geffen says Jose didn’t medically stabilize for three hours after the ride malfunctioned. Martinez uses a wheel chair and is consumed with many other medical problems, not to mention he had to go to the bathroom during the whole incident making it for a very distressing situation.

So what is all this pain and suffering worth? Apparently $8,000!  Disneyland representatives thought they handled the situation properly, but the courts didn’t agree and awarded Jose with the cash. I will sit on any ride and listen to any song for a half hour straight for 8 G’s. Just saying.

Do you think the man got what he deserved or should he have been awarded more or less money? Leave a comment below or call 313-298-1999.


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