Things A Man Should Never Say To A Woman!

Author: Linda Lee

Most women would agree that men have an unfortunate habit of putting their feet in their mouths from time to time, but now the very worst things they say have been revealed. Asking a woman “when’s the baby due?” when she is not actually pregnant has been voted the worst thing a man can say to a lady. The list of things a guy should never say to his woman is even longer, especially if he does not want to sleep on the couch for a week afterwards!

The second thing a guy should never say to his girl is when responding to the question, “does my butt look big in this?,” trust me, don’t EVER say yes!

Are you really going to wear that? That too is a big no-no!

When I bought a cute new bikini that had a fold-over bottom at the waist, (like the fold-over yoga pants) my husband said to me, “That is a super cute suit, you look like a sumo wrestler!”  I was like, “WHAT???? Did you really just say that I look like a big/fat sumo wrestler?” He said, you’re NOT fat…… that’s not what I meant….I just was saying that the bottom looks like what sumo wrestlers wear. As any girl can imagine, I was mortified that he made such a comparison when I was modeling my new swim suit for him!

What is the worst thing your spouse ever said  to you?

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