“Hey Girl,” There’s New Music On The Way From The ‘Gardener’ Billy Currington

Author: Linda Lee

One of our favorite down to earth artists of all time has to be Billy Currington, and it is so good to have him back on the country music scene with his new single “Hey Girl” and a new album coming in just a couple of months! Billy did not pull any punches as he explained to Edwards & Lee during our interview how he has found personal happiness in calling his own shots in his career, recording and touring on his terms, so he can enjoy other interests in life, like gardening….

It’s been a couple of years since we last saw Billy and he looks so good, and even more importantly, HAPPY!

Billy told us that he finally reached a point in his career, where he can blend his personal life with his music career and do all the things he enjoys in life, on his terms. Currington tells us he dreams of opening his own coconut water company, including growing his own trees. And gardening is obviously a passion for him as well, as he explains here during our interview:

While country music is Billy’s main focus, as he told us, having time to enjoy other interests is important at this stage in his life! I can relate totally! As much as I  love my job in radio, if I never had time to enjoy my favorite pastime of boating and fishing, I think I would go crazy!

What is your biggest passion outside of your job or career?


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