Not Always Easy ‘Practicing What You Preach!’

Author: Linda Lee

It’s not always easy to ‘practice what you preach!’ A Michigan judge recently proved his determination to stick to the letter of the law after he fined himself for contempt after his cell phone went off during trial! When it comes to parenting though, it is not always so easy. Did your parents, or do YOU as a parent always ‘practice what you preach?’

But some people actually do ‘practice what they preach!’ Judge Raymond Voet is well-known for angry outbursts if smartphone tones are heard and has posters up warning court users that noisy phone-owners will be found in contempt. He was quite embarrassed when he realized the nuisance phone ringing during a prosecutor’s closing statement, was his. So, he fined himself $25 and confiscated his phone.

I think it may be a bit more difficult for parents to always ‘practice what they preach.’ I still remember like it was yesterday, when I was a teenager and my Dad would have a cigarette dangling out of his mouth while telling me how much trouble I would be in if I ever brought cigarettes into our house! While I thought that was ironic at the time, when I had my daughter, I found myself having trouble ‘practicing what I was preaching’ too. How about YOU?

Do you always ‘practice what you preach?’

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