Mom’s ‘Thrift Store Punishment’ For Daughter Who Was Bullying Others At School

Author: Linda Lee

When a Utah mom discovered her 10-year-old was teasing a classmate about her unfashionable clothes, she turned the tables on her daughter Kaylee. After seeing Kaylee showed zero remorse for her bullying, her mom Ally scoured a local thrift shop for the most unflattering outfits she could find, and then forced Kaylee to wear the clothes to school for the next two days….

That’s all it took for Kaylee to learn firsthand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of teasing from her classmates. Kaylee quickly got the message her mom was trying to send, and Ally says she’s pleased Kaylee now “knows how hurtful [teasing] is.”

Sometimes a parent needs to resort to ‘tough love’ to teach their kids a lesson. I applaud parents who at least acknowledge and deal with a situation where their child is clearly in the wrong, and does their best to teach them right from wrong. I know so many parents who are in denial that their children may be at fault in a situation, and will even defend their child’s clearly wrong actions, rather than discipline and teach their child that there are consequences to our actions.

I always tried to avoid any ‘parenting advise’ with my friends, because I did not want to risk ruining my friendship. But I have seen what happens in the long run, when kids who were not held accountable for their mistakes, or disciplined as young children. As adults, they still feel as if they are ‘above the law,’ too, but quickly find out that there ARE serious consequences to bad or illegal behavior, and the police and courts will not coddle or excuse their mistakes like ‘mama & daddy’ did when they were kids!

What do you think of this type of punishment, and how this little girls mom handled the ‘bullying’ situation with her own daughter?

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