First Time Brides Ditching ‘White Wedding Gowns’

Author: Linda Lee

Who says you have to wear white when you get married? Could this be the beginning of the death of the white wedding? Young brides are now opting for a brightly colored dress – with one in ten opting for red! While it has been common practice and etiquette as well, for a woman who has already been married before to wear a different colored wedding gown if she gets married for the second time, these are young ‘first-time brides’ who are ditching white in favor of a bold bright color instead!

Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

According to a recent study, a quarter of young brides are now turning their back on white dresses to wear red, pink and blue instead. Research found that 27 percent of 18 to 24 year olds would not get married in traditional white.

The study found that red is largely seen as the color that represents love while yellow was the most popular choice to represent happiness.

If you have a young, soon-to-be, bride in your family, would you ever advise them to wear a brightly colored wedding dress? Why or why not?

Chelsea says she will wear WHITE for sure…

Linda Lee’s dad said after he gave her away TWICE< he was charging the third husband…


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