From Glambert To Kelly, 5 Former ‘Idol’ Contestants We’d Like to See As Judges

In the latest round of singing competition shakeups, it’s being reported that Jennifer Hudson could become one of the judges on American Idol next season. Hudson would become the first Idol alum to take a seat on the panel of judges, a marked difference from the show’s recent push for superstar recording artists with little-to-no prior affiliation with the competition.

Hudson isn’t the only one, though. Amid talks of her potential return to the show, rumors have it that the panel could be comprised of more former Idol hopefuls, creating an all-star reunion of talent while the show retools itself following a season of disappointing ratings.

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Whether or not bringing back familiar faces to critique talent will save the show’s free-falling ratings is certainly up for deliberation, but with the right combination of judges, mixed with an intriguing retooling of the show in other departments, could prove beneficial for Idol in the long run. Here’s a few other former Idols that could assist in that process.


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