Check Out This New High-Tech ‘Bluetooth Toilet’

Author: Linda Lee

Just in time for Father’s Day, for the Dad who has everything and money is no object, this may be the perfect gift! Just when you think there’s not much you can do to update something so basic as a toilet, but the folks at Kohler are coming out with a Bluetooth toilet! Dad can ‘sit back’ and enjoy listening to his digital music library with mood lighting and more…..

Equipped with a Bluetooth receiver, the new toilet from Kohler can deliver audio streaming from your favorite mobile device. The toilet also gives you the ability to store your favorite playlist, have ambient lighting that can display seven different colors. Other goodies include a heated seat, a foot warmer, a deodorizer, an interactive LCD touch screen and an automated open-and-close lid. But all this comes with a hefty price tag. The price? $6,650. Some people (like me!) think that is outrageous, and the same as just flushing your money right down the toilet!

What super expensive gadget did you just have to buy, and now barely if ever even use it?

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