Family Looks To Keep Pet Deer. DNR Says No

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

A family in Genesee County family is hoping with the help of the internet, they can keep their 5 year old pet deer, Lilly. The family has raised Lilly since she was a fawn. They took her in shortly after her mother, who pregnant with Lilly and another fawn, was hit and killed by a car. The second fawn did not make it and the family was told by the Michigan DNR that Lilly wouldn’t last 15 days without her mother. Five years later, the family say Lilly IS a part of their family.

Everything was going great until a guest of one of their neighbors, complained to the DNR. According to the DNR it is unlawful to keep wild animals as pets and orphaned animals should be transferred to licensed rehabilitation centers.

The family has started an online petition and it has been gaining some ground nationally. Their story aired on Good Morning America, and since then, has gone viral. You can sign the petition HERE and check out their Facebook Page HERE.

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