Tim McGraw Learns Important ‘Life Lesson’ From Daughters!

Author: Linda Lee

Parents are supposed to set the example for their children, and teach them all the important stuff, like manners and the difference in right and wrong. Tim McGraw admits that  he has learned and continues to learn one very important lesson from his daughters. Managing and parenting 3 teenage daughters is no easy task, but thanks to his girls, the lesson he has learned makes his job easier too! Listen here to Tim tell us what he has learned from his 3 girls….

McGraw says being ‘patient’ has never been his strong suit, but thanks to his daughters, he has come a long way:

Considering two of his daughters, Gracie and Maggie, are teenagers and Audrie is about to be, that patience probably comes in handy a lot! Lord knows that the ‘teenage years’ can be the most challenging for all parents, even country music superstars like Tim and his wife Faith Hill! Girls seem to naturally have a way of wrapping their ‘Daddy’ around their finger, so most often it is the “Mama” who has to be the disciplinarian and ‘bad cop’ so to speak!

What important ‘life lesson’ did you learn from YOUR kids?

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Info & audio courtesy of BMLG

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