Team WYCD Wins Kevin Van Dam And Detroit Lions Fishing Charity Classic!

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Team WYCD, led by Steve Grunwald, included Capt. Don Watts, former Lions safety Stuart Schweigert and Mike Palmer, owner of Premier Pet Supply in Beverly Hills. With two teams remaining late in the tournament, Grunwald, while talking with Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz, realized that Team WYCD was in the lead with 13lbs 14oz! Coach Schwartz told him that he had a solid chance at winning and guess what? The unthinkable happened. A team that was probably the longest shot at winning, the proverbial underdogs, WON THE TOURNAMENT!!

Capt. Don Watts holds one of the winning Bass while Mike Palmer from Premiere Pet Supply looks on. Photo: Steve Grunwald

Grunwald says about winning the Bass Pro Shop/KVD/Detroit Lions Charity Classic, “We were the biggest underdog of the tournament, one of the guys never even fished before. We thought we didn’t have a chance. We just wanted to get one fish so we weren’t embarrassed!”

Grunwald with Pro Bass Angler and Michigan Resident Kevin Van Dam Photo: Steve Grunwald

Grunwald continued, “The talk of our whole boat was how many fish Kevin Van Dam would get since he was the best angler in the world.” Well Kevin Van Dam, who was paired with Coach Schwartz only managed to catch one fish. So Team WYCD brought home the trophy and had a blast in the process. After the rough day on the water Coach Schwartz said he’s looking forward to next years charity classic to try to get the title from Team WYCD!


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