Florida Georgia Line’s New Video Brings The Boys Back Home

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Florida Georgia Line members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard really felt the love when they returned to their respective hometowns of Ormond Beach, Florida and Monroe, Georgia recently to shoot the video for their latest single, “Round Here.” The arrival of camera crews brought out everyone the duo knows — and some they didn’t know so well — to participate in the shoot.

Tyler tells The Dr. Don Show with Rachael and Grunwald, “Man, it was awesome! I mean we did a whole day in Georgia and a whole day in Florida and (it) was just kind of like a big homecoming. All our friends and family came out and people that we didn’t even know we were friends with were there as well, so (Brian laughs) it was a really cool day, man — a lot of support. It just felt good to go home. I mean, we go home about once a year so to be able to go and take it back home and shoot a music and kind of let our friends and family into our world and what we do . . . (It) was just a really cool experience and probably one of our favorite times of shooting a music video for sure.”

Florida Georgia Line continue on the road this summer, playing fairs, festivals and solo dates in addition to opening for Luke Bryan on his Dirt Road Diaries tour. The boys will also be playing on Saturday July 20th at the Faster Horses Festival at MIS!

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