A Ghost Is Haunting Kip Moore!

Author: Rob Stone

Do you believe in ghosts? I for one have never had any paranormal experience, but I do believe it is possible. Country star Kip Moore says he has been experiencing the wrath of an angry female ghost who isn’t really scary or friendly, but a clean ghost. He says she makes loud noises late at night sweeping the floor out front of his door.

“It’s real, and every night I feel like I’m gonna die. I’ll hear some loud crashes at 3AM in the middle of the night. It’ll give you a heart attack, that’s for sure. But at least she’s clean. She sweeps, so at least she’s clean.” Kip recalls one night the ghost kept him up saying,  “I literally heard something the other night that just, I couldn’t believe I heard it and I sat up in my bed and I really did this,” Moore remembers. “It was 2AM and I said, ‘I got no beef with you if you’ve got no beef with me’ and I went back to sleep.”

The haunted house is a home Kip rents from his publisher and apparently he is simply putting up with the lady ghost. If it was me, I would get the heck out of there ASAP! Have you ever had any experiences with ghosts? If so, leave a comment below with your story.


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