Jake Owen Ends Up In Hospital After Go Kart Accident!

Author: Linda Lee

Jake Owen posted pictures of himself in the hospital Sunday night after a go cart accident, with a neck brace and another photo that looks like doctors are doing some sort of surgery or stitches. Jake seemed optimistic in his Tweets, saying he plans to ‘stick to singing’ after this….

We are looking forward to seeing Jake again at the Faster Horses Festival, and there has not been any indication that he will not be able to make it! Owen’s ability to Tweet on his way to the ER and post these photos is a good sign!

In the ER… What a way to end the weekend.. pic.twitter.com/wGj5uiGOzL

— Jake Owen (@jakeowen) July 8, 2013

Got in a little go kart accident tryin to beat @KevinHarvick & @ClintBowyer . I’ll stick to singing country songs pic.twitter.com/s6aQ2trym2

— Jake Owen (@jakeowen) July 8, 2013

Maybe trying to keep up with his NASCAR buddies is not such a good idea after all. But guys will be guys, and accidents happen.

How did you hurt yourself due to doing something REALLY STUPID because of peer pressure from your buddies?

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