Would You Wear This “Human Chest Hair” Coat?

Author: Chuck Edwards

This is probably the grossest thing I have EVER seen.  This is the newest in a line of special fur coats.  You won’t believe what time of fur would cost you $3,900!

This sounds like a VERY EXPENSIVE . . . and VERY DISGUSTING . . . fur coat.  A company in England has made a fur coat that’s 100% MALE CHEST HAIR.  It’s actually from a milk company, who did it to remind men to be manly . . . or something.  But that’s not really the point:  It’s a COAT of CHEST HAIR.  There’s no word how many men’s chests were shaved to make this coat happen.  But they say it took 200 hours to put together . . . and they’re selling it for around $3,900.

Not really sure how you can buy it, but the website of the people that make it is Arla.com.  And the weirdest thing is that the company makes dairy products!

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