Criss Angel: “Believe” is Not Your Grandpa’s Magic Show

Author: Chuck Edwards
A few show’s in Vegas center on magic and illusion. Criss Angel has found a way to draw from his hit TV series Mindfreak and create magic and illusion on streroids! I saw Criss’ Luxor performance ‘Believe’ just last week at Luxor and while ‘Believe’ has had mixed reviews, I found this ‘edgy’ spectacle to be Angel genius!
Criss’ has ramped up his show with audience interaction and humor. Criss and his crew doesn’t just appear on stage and dump out a bag of tricks. The show began with a warm up and got gradually more and more intense. From the doll morphing into the real Criss, to the classic sawing his cast member in half, the mystery and illusion is at a ‘turbo’ pitch.
I bought tickets to this show and tickets to any primo Vegas show aren’t cheap! I would pay to see it again! My wife Casey and I had to opportunity to meet Criss after the show and as mysterious and dark as Criss may seem on Mindfreak, he was a friendly, humble and gracious dude with a lot of charisma!
If Vegas is on your radar this Summer or in the months to come, check out Believe and let me know what you think about the show and exhibit, which is included with your show ticket. See it soon, because Criss is running out of people to saw in half!
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