The New ‘Electronic Babysitter’

Author: Linda Lee

There is a new ‘electronic babysitter’ that parents these days are relying on more and more! Goodbye to the pacifier and baby swing and hello to high-tech! More than half of parents have admitted that they use gadgets, like iPads and laptops, to ‘babysit’ their children when they are busy around the house….

Twenty seven percent of parents said their children play with gadgets on a daily basis and 22 percent on a “weekly” basis. The majority of those who use gadgets to babysit their children do so to take a break from parenting.

When my daughter was a baby, I used the ‘baby swing’ in front of the television with a Sesame Street DVD to keep her happily occupied while I cooked dinner or did some housework! I held a pacifier and baby swing in such high regard, I made a habit of giving those 2 items to other ‘moms-to-be’ at their baby shower ever since! But it looks like I am now ‘behind the times’ and perhaps an iPad is a more appropriate gift now?

How old was you r baby when you start letting them play with high-tech gadgets to keep them busy?

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