Taking As Much ‘Vacation Time’ As You Want!

Author: Linda Lee

If you could take as much, or as little vacation time off work as you wanted to, how much would YOU take each year? Americans are famous the world over for the paltry amount of time we get from work and the even smaller amount we take. Now a handful of companies are starting to converge on a whole different way of thinking about the issue….

Instead of debating the merits of two weeks versus four weeks of paid time off, these companies are throwing caution to the winds and offering employees as much vacation as they want!

I personally think that vacations rejuvenate your soul! I think we should all work to LIVE, and not ‘live to work!” I give 110% at work every day and I absolutely LOVE my job. But I have other passions in life too, like fishing, camping and boating. I look forward to my annual vacations and it helps me stay focused at work too. I feel like I need to do the best job I can at work, and then I can truly enjoy my coveted time off!

If you could choose how much vacation time you could take, how much would you take?

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