By Linda Lee

It really is true at any age; as you climb higher up the ladder, it seems that there are more people who want to see you fall! Taylor Swift is one of the most successful country artists of all time, selling out shows all across the country and worldwide. So it is not surprising that she is targeted by ‘haters’  and “Mean” people who want to see her fall from grace. At her show last week at Soldier Field in Chicago where there were around 50,000 kids in attendance, she offered up some great ‘first hand’ advice on how to deal with bullies.

By: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

By: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Edwards & Lee along with all the daytime TV talk shows were discussing just yesterday,  the ‘awkward’ performance with Taylor Swift & Tim McGraw during the TV special on Country’s Night To Rock. One of our longtime listeners who was in Nashville at that show, called in to explain that the awkward duet “The Highway Don’t Care” came right after Swift performed her hit single “Mean,” and she told us that there was noticeable and loud boo’ing from members of the live audience during Taylor’s solo performance. So obviously, Swift is still dealing with bullies and “Mean” people herself.

On August 10th, just days before the boo’ing incident in Nashville, Taylor offered this advice to the crowd of school age kids at her sold out show in Chicago just before she performed “Mean:”

“I thought that when you grew up, when you weren’t in school anymore, you wouldn’t have to deal with bullies anymore, I guess I thought that meanness was something that we outgrow. Well, when I grew up, I realized that meanness is part of the human condition. And it’s part of something you’re gonna have to deal with the rest of your lives. No matter where you live or what you do, there’s always gonna be someone being mean to you — someone who says something about you that’s not true or talks behind your back or doesn’t invite you to something you really wanted to be invited to. And I think one thing that I’ve learned when I realized that is that it’s not so much about wishing away mean people — because they tend to be the kind of people you can’t change — so I think it’s better to focus on what you can change. Which is how you react to it. And if you can, possibly make a mental note that you’ll never ever make someone else feel the way they make you feel.”

This really is great advice too. When my daughter was in middle school she was being bullied at school and we went to a special seminar at the school, where they taught the kids who were being bullied how to deal with bullies. We were told pretty much the same thing, that it would be nearly impossible to change the behavior of the bullies, but the kids being bullied could change how THEY reacted, which could really help. Bullies in school seem to delight in making other kids cry, run away or become noticeably distraught. If the kids who are targeted by bullies acted more confident, did not run away or cry when being taunted, the bullies seemed to back off.

Taylor Swift really is a nice girl, who has a sweet heart and truly cares about her young fans. And just the message in her song “Mean,” some mean people never change and live their whole life in a negative manner because in reality, they are the truly unhappy ones in life. The truth is that putting someone else down, never really makes someone else feel better. So don’t let the haters and mean people get you down kids. Bullies truly are so miserable on the inside, it’s pretty sad actually.

So lead you life by example, Treat others the way you would like to be treated, no matter how they behave. Stay happy, nice and like Taylor says,  try to never deliberately make someone else feel bad either. Two wrongs never make a right!

Info courtesy of CMT News


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