‘Top 10’ Things Men Are NOT Good At Doing!

Author: Linda Lee

We expect guys to be good at doing certain things, like my husband Jeff (above) who is good at emptying our RV ‘holding tanks!’   According to a survey of 1,000 adults, 60 percent of women said men were good at getting rid of spiders! Ladies expect them to be good at that for sure!  Slightly less, 56 percent, rated men as good with barbecue skills and 73 percent said men are able to change a flat tire. Only 10 percent of women thought men could iron a shirt and just four percent thought they could dance. Check out the ‘top 10’ list of things that men are NOT good at doing….

The top 10 skills men seem to lack:

10) Buying clothes for spouse

9) Remembering anniversary

8) Dancing

7) Ironing

6) Cooking

5) Domestic chores

4) Buying gifts

3) Picking furniture

2) Keeping up with fashion

And the #1 thing that men are NOT good at is: Multi-tasking!

What is YOUR man not good at doing?

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