Fun Ideas For Labor Day Weekend

It has always marked the end of summer, Labor Day is the last chance to get in any summer fun before the weather turns, and we all get busy with school and life again. So here is a list of fun things to send out summer the best way possible!

•Sleep Outdoors: set the tent up in the backyard, or if you don’t have a tent, sleep in a hammock, lawn chair or just spread out the beach towel and enjoy. It nice during the night time, but during the day you can also catch the last few tanning rays for the season.

•Eat outdoors: we are all grilling outside anyway, why make the food travel? Enjoy a picnic outside. You can have all your friends enjoy the day with you by throwing a BBQ Party!

•Get a flag and let it wave: It IS Labor Day, a day to remember all the worker’s rights and achievements in the labor movement.

•Sit and relax with your favorite shows: Labor Day has always been the day of Marathons. All your favorite shows have an entire day dedicated to their amazing episodes. Why not sit and enjoy them all at once.
•Play in the sprinkler: remember how much fun that was as a kid? It can be fun as an adult too. Plus your lawn gets a drink too.

•Try a new sport out: Whether it is paddle boarding, soccer or flag football. Invite your friends to play and enjoy the fun in your yard.

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