Morgan Frazier’s Message To Bullies

Author: Rob Stone

For most today was the first day back to school and while some kids were very excited to get back, others were dreading it. Not just because summer is ending, but a lot of kids have to deal with bullies at school. It’s been a growing issue and from that many anti-bullying programs have started like Stand for the Silent which country artist Morgan Frazier has partnered with to remember bullying victims who took their own lives, while educating and informing on how to stop and prevent bullying.

Morgan Frazier’s new song is called ‘Hey Bully’ and it sends a strong message to bullies and is a great way to let kids who are being bullied know that they’re not alone. I first met Morgan at our Thursday Night Live event and saw her play at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. She is an amazing young talent who at the age of 19 can truly speak to her fans about bullying, so check out the video and listen to the words in the song. It will make you think twice the next time you want to pick on someone.


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