What’s Your Excuse? ‘Top 10’ Funny Excuses For Missing Work!

Author: Chuck Edwards

Not everyone LOVES their job!  Many people try to make up excuses on why they can’t go to work.  When someone uses a RIDICULOUS excuse to get out of work, they shouldn’t be REWARDED by actually getting the day off.  They should be punished.  Severely.  Otherwise, people are going to keep trying excuses like THESE.  Here are 10 REAL excuses people have tried to use to get out of work.  It’s not clear how many actually worked . . .

Top 10 Funny Excuses For Missing Work!

10.  My sister got kidnapped and I have to go find her.

9.  I gave up my plane seat to an elderly person and can’t get back for a few days.

8.  My dog didn’t wake me up.

7.  There’s a snake on my porch so I can’t leave the house.

6.  I have to stay out sick because of a sympathetic pregnancy.  That’s when a GUY experiences a few of his wife’s pregnancy symptoms.  Or when ANYONE close to someone who’s pregnant has a few mild symptoms.

5.  My wife got a bad dye job and I have to stay home to provide moral support.

4.  My dog hid my car keys.

3.  I had to stay home to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

2.  Martians kidnapped my boyfriend and I have to rescue him.

1.  I’m having trouble with my prostate . . . and the person who used the excuse was a WOMAN.

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