Breaking Up Today Can Be ‘Complicated!’

Author: Linda Lee

Modern break-ups are a lot more complicated than those of past generations. At least it seems that way. It used to be that ending a relationship was between two people but now there’s social media. Changing your ‘relationship status‘ on Facebook seems to be one of the first things people do now after a breakup!

Having a “social media cleanse” when a relationship crumbles into dust is increasingly common, with 42 percent of people unfriending their ex on Facebook or unfollowing them on Twitter before they’ve been broken up for a month.

Interesting ‘breakup facts’:  34 percent delete all online images of their former love and almost a third (31 percent) remove all contact with their ex-partner’s friends and family as well.

Did YOU delete all pics of your ‘ex’ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram after breaking up?

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