Last Day To Donate To Stop Diabetes!

Author: Rob Stone

Today is the very last day to join and donate to the Annual Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes at the Detroit Zoo with 99.5 WYCD. I have not reached my fundraising goal yet and need your help. If you or anyone you know has Diabetes, which everyone knows someone suffering from the disease, please donate anything you can even if you can’t make it to the walk tomorrow morning at the zoo.

My grandparents, uncle and several others in my family suffered from Diabetes and that is why I am walking for the cause plus I donated $110 to start the fundraising last month. Let’s rally together to raise a ton of money that will ultimately put an end to the disease. Thank you so much for you support and making a donation online is very easy. Just click HERE to donate or join TEAM ROB STONE!

Thank you so much!!!

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