WWE Superstar The Big Show Faces Off Against 300

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Jason the 300lb. Cowboy is a huge WWE fan and has interviewed many of WWE biggest stars. But none are literally bigger than former World & WWE Champion, The Big Show. WWE returns and presents Night of Champions PPV for the first time in Detroit. Night of Champions is one of the coolest PPV’s, every champion competes. The main event has Daniel Bryan versus the current WWE Champion, Randy Orton. The COO of the WWE is HHH and he has been on a power trip lately stating that everything he and his wife Stephanie McMahon do is “Good for business.”

Jason the 300lb. Cowboy and WWE Superstar The Big Show

The Big Show has been in and out of this storyline. One match he had to reluctantly wrestle Daniel Bryan, the next match he was in his corner cheering him on. Show says he’s not quite sure where he’ll go from here. He said, “I was supposed to be doing something with Mark Henry but the changed. I’m not quite sure what will happen to me.”

One the cool things about the WWE is when they have a PPV event, they do it right in the host city. For Night of Champions, WWE was looking for the Detroit Social Media Champion. So Jason 300 and a few other radio stations were participating in this challenge. So Big Show also wanted to deliver the news to Jason on whether or not if he’d be the champion. Unfortunately, Jason came is 2nd place but was rewarded ringside tickets. Thanks to everyone who helped and we hope you enjoy the “Big Show” pun intended.

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