Does Your Age Affect Hangovers?

Author: Chuck Edwards

After that first time you had a night where you drank a few too many Mai Tai’s, you probably woke up feeling pretty crappy.  I know I have been there before.  And I have a LIFETIME of evidence that says this scientific study is wrong.  But according to a study out of Denmark, hangovers actually get EASIER as you get older.  They found the chances of having a bad hangover after binge drinking were 11 times higher for men under 30 than men over 60 . . . and eight times higher for women under 30 than women over 60.

Here are their three theories WHY hangovers might get easier as you get older . . .

1.  You drink less when you binge drink.  Younger people averaged nine drinks on a big night out, older people averaged six drinks.

2.  Older people make smarter choices to try to reduce their hangovers, like drinking a lot of water along with their alcohol.

3.  Older people drink alcohols that are lighter colors and more expensive.  And both of those factors reduce hangovers.


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