Would You Work Through Your Lunch Break?

Author: Chuck Edwards

It doesn’t SOUND like it’s healthy, balanced, or smart to eat lunch at your desk . . . it sounds like you’re a wage slave whose will has been totally broken.  But according to a new study out of the University of Toronto, working through your lunch break is actually GOOD for you.

When you go to lunch with your coworkers, you either spend time with people you don’t like . . . or spend time with people you DO like, complaining about work.  Either way, it has a negative impact on you.  But there’s one twist.  It’s only good to skip lunch if you have the FREEDOM to go if you WANT.  If your company doesn’t give you a break, or makes it clear that it’s frowned upon to leave to eat, then eating lunch while you work just makes you more miserable.

So, what do you think?  Would you work through your lunch?  Read more about the study, here!

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