Oh Deer! Beware Of Deer VS. Car Season

Author: Linda Lee

It’s definitely that time of the year, and if you drive down any country roads especially around dusk, beware and keep an eye out for deer in the road! Deer move around at night, beginning right around sunset and you really have to be careful if you drive at night in a rural area! I see deer all the time on my commute home from work, and even bought ‘deer whistles‘ to try to prevent them from running in front of my car!

If you have an upcoming drive through West Virginia, Montana, Iowa, South Dakota or Pennsylvania, you might want to make sure you’ve got $3,414 lying around. State Farm says that’s the damage a typical deer-car collision causes and those are the five states where you’re most likely to hit a deer in the next year.

November is the worst month for collisions, with October and December right behind. The odds of hitting a deer in West Virginia over the next 12 months are a staggering 1 in 41. The runners up:

Montana – 1 in 65

Iowa – 1 in 73

South Dakota – 1 in 75

Pennsylvania – 1 in 77

Nationwide, a typical driver has a 1 in 174 chance of hitting a deer in the next 12 months.

When my Mom lived in Wixom, she hit a deer that jumped out of a ditch and TOTALED her little sports car. Thank goodness she was not hurt, and she did not even see the deer until it hit her hood. Chances are you know somebody that has been in a car-deer accident. I put ‘deer whistles’ on all our vehicles, and so far they seem to work as far as I see less deer near the road than I used to before we put them on our cars!

Have you ever hit a deer and do you think that ‘deer whistles’ that omit an inaudible tone that supposedly will deter deer from running in front of your car? 

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