Facebook Still #1 Social Networking Site

Author: Linda Lee

While it seems like everyone is ‘talking’ about Twitter, A recent study has shown that it’s basically Facebook or bust when it comes to the social media sites we use. A majority of us have Facebook accounts, but after Facebook more of us reported not using a social media site at all than any of the other top social networking sites.Facebook – 57 percent of us have a Facebook account

None – The surprising second-most popular social media site is nothing. We are more likely to use no social media at all than to have accounts on any site except Facebook.

YouTube – 28 percent of us have accounts with YouTube.

Google Plus – 23 percent use Google Plus

By: AFP/Getty Images

Twitter – WOW! Only 17 percent use a Twitter account.

Twitter came in slightly ahead of LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

What is your favorite social networking site of all?

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