Hilarious Facebook Statistic! Are You Part Of It?

Author: Rob Stone

If you’re reading this chances are you have an active facebook account. Also there’s probably a good chance some of your pictures on that account are inappropriate. Most of those risqué photos are probably fueled by alcohol too. So if you were to count all of your photos and then count how many of them you were drunk in. What would the percentage be?

I found it hilarious that the average Brit is drunk in 76% of their facebook photos. That’s 3 out of 4 photos! To add to the amusing stats, 54% of men admit that some of the drunk photos are so bad that they would be embarrassed if their co-workers found them and 8% thought the photos might cause serious trouble at work.

Be completely honest and let me know what percentage of your photos you think involved you drinking. I promise I won’t judge. If it’s as high as the Brits it probably just means you’re having a great time!

What facebook photo has gotten you in trouble at home or at work? Leave a comment below or call 313-298-1999 tonight from 7pm-12am.

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